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Learning is supposed to be fun, right? As teachers and parents, we are always seeking new ways to engage our children and students on their educational journey. Co-owner Joanna Serra, a former educator, worked with her team to create Learning Blankets, a new brand under the umbrella of Birdy Boutique.


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Research shows that hands-on activities greatly enhance retention and learning. Sometimes, learning activities can seem to rote. We wanted to create the perfect combination of education, fun, ease and comfort. When you can combine something that kids love and use (blankets!) and fun facts, then it takes learning to a more natural place where it doesn't necessarily even feel like they are studying!

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Being able to lay down on the floor or sit on the couch with your child in a relaxed environment will likely provide a less stressful learning scenario. This is especially true with the preschool and kindergarten aged children who have a shorter attention span and like to move more! Casually presenting information to kids while at home, at the park, in the car, or wherever you take your blanket will foster many fun learning moments in the near future! Plus, not only is it a soft blanket or couch throw, but can also serve as a playmat, rug, sitting area, learning zone, wall hanging tapestry, or whatever your imagination gathers. 

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Perfect for learning at home, homeschooling instruction, preschool, or a classroom, our learning blankets are the funnest learning activity addition to your playbook. The perfect educational gift that keeps giving all years long, it is sure to be a pleaser!

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Our Learning Blankets:

  • Reversible, double-sided = 2 designs
  • Two layers for legible sharp printing
  • Educational, making learning fun
  • 50" x 60" for full coverage
  • Easy to pack and take places
  • Work as blanket, play mat, rug, tapestry, wall hanging
  • Unique designs and prints
  • Use at home, park, beach, school, etc.
  • Veteran & women owned business
  • Created and designed by an award winning educator
  • Easy to incorporate into learning
  • Gender neutral for boys and girls
  • Make excellent educational gifts

What can you expect from our blankets? As with all of our products, they are unique and designed by us, so you won't find these anywhere else. They are created with high quality fabric, are reversible and double-sided meaning that you get two designs and learning opportunities in each and every single blanket! 

Current Styles Available:

SIGHT WORD BLANKET - Side 1 includes both the lower and upper case alphabet, digit numbers, and beginner words combined from the Frye and Dolce lists. It includes 4 rows of 15 large words written in lower case letters, totaling 60 words. Side 2 includes vowels and blends on the border and 5 rows of 19 more advanced sight words, totaling 95 more words. In total, our sight word blanket has over 150 words that your child will be expected to know and use between preschool and 1st grade! Because learning to read is quite a task, we gathered some details in our sight word blanket here.

Sight Word Blanket Learn to Read Activity

DINOSAUR WORLD MAP BLANKET - Side 1 includes a variety of dinosaurs for your little paleontologist. Illustrations and scientific names included such as Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Allosaurus, and more, totaling in 24 dino names and identifying pictures. Side 2 includes a colorful vibrant world map with the names of all five oceans and seven continents. You will also notice the many animal species open for discussion as your child learns their basic map skills.

Dinosaur Names World Map Educational Blanket Kids

BIRD BUTTERFLY BLANKET - Side 1 features the most common backyard bird species in the United States such as the American Robin, Northern Cardinal, Great-Horned Owl and many others, totaling in 17 birds you'll likely see outside if you start to observe your surroundings. Children will love learning about the basic birds that live around them. Side 2 boldly displays 20 common butterflies including their pictures and scientific names, making it easy to study them. This blanket is sure to be treasured by any nature lover and birder.

Common Bird Names Butterfly Species Blanket Kids

WEIGHTED BLANKETS - Our release of weighted blankets includes two initial designs. Both designs weight 5 lbs, promote better sleep, learning and calmness, and are double layered and triple stitched with a design on one side and soft minky dot fabric on the reverse. The first design is of the solar system with words with planet names identifying the planets and other significant educational space words. The second design is of watercolor fox art in soft gentle colors. There are a variety of benefits to weighted blankets for children of all ages, informational blog piece coming soon.


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