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We value education. As a former educator and co-founder of Learning Blankets® I knew I wanted to offer schools, sports teams and community organizations an affordable opportunity to raise funds for programs important to them with high profit margins. With Fundraiser Blankets®, you can earn money for your group or team easily because everyone loves a warm keepsake that spreads school spirit. Fundraiser Blankets®, powered by Birdy Boutique, are our way to give back to communities nationwide and help fund the programs our youth deserve and need.

Educationally Yours, Joanna Serra, COO

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What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order is 100 blankets per design so that we can offer your group this low pricing. They will sell fast! If you are not sure how many to order, you can start with pre-sales and order extras to have on hand for events, or, order a specific amount and sell on hand. Please note, most schools and sports teams reorder immediately. If you absolutely cannot meet our fundraising blanket minimum, email us to hear about lower quantity options. 

Do we have to be a school to order?

No. We love helping K-12 elementary, junior/middle and high schools but gladly also provide blankets for sports teams including football, baseball, cheer, lacrosse, hockey, gymnastics, dance, stadium, boosters, bands, troops, clubs, churches, shelters, and other organizations.

How much are the blankets?

The 50"x60" blankets are all inclusively priced at $12.50 and the 60"x70" blankets are all inclusively priced at $15. No, they are not any design, set up, or other fees. None!

What is the quality of the blanket?

Our fundraising blankets are 300GSM 100% polyester soft minky plush. This is a thick plush throw blanket that we also use to sell to retailers such as Meijer and Walgreens, so rest assured that our quality standards are very high. We have generic samples to send you so you can feel the difference, just complete the form on this page.

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Do we need artwork?

No. You can provide what you have and we can work with it if the resolution is high enough. Otherwise, we will work with you on a vision and design. Please note, we do not do any logo approvals and will assume that all artwork emailed to us allows us printing permission on the school fundraising blankets.

Are these blankets refundable?

Due to the custom work investment, once the design is approved and sent to print, no refunds are given. Fundraiser Blankets® are a way for our company to give back to the community by offering a high profit opportunity for your organization, not ours. Therefore, once ordered, the sale is final.

What amount do we sell the blankets for?

That is completely up to your organization! Selling the wholesale $12.50 blankets at $25 to $35 MSRP is the most popular option. However, if you feel you would like to charge less or more to reach your goals, that would work too.

We recommend setting your fundraising goal amount and using the charts below to determine the price you will charge. 

Fundraiser Blanket Fundraising School Profit Margins

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is included in the all inclusive price!

When do we receive our blankets?

We have two options. Our proudly Printed in Michigan option delivers within 14 business days to your door from the date of the order. Our import partner facility option delivers within 45-75 calendar days to your door from the date of the order, depending on the time of year.

We cannot wait that long, what now?

Starting in 2024, we now offer 14 business day rush "Printed in Michigan" options! This expedited rush production and shipment gets blankets to you within 14 business days, costing $16 per 50"x60" Large blanket and $19 per 60"x70" XL blanket, which is all inclusive pricing with shipping. 

Are there any extra fees?

No, we do not charge for shipping, packaging, design, or anything else! The price is all inclusive. Why? Because this is a way for us to help communities.

How and where do we sell our blankets?

Each organization is different! You can set up a table at a sports game, sell with an order form within your school and/or district, set up at a local event, sell from the school office, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

We've never sold blankets, what can we expect?

You can expect great feedback and a more valuable memorable fundraising item compared to popcorn, pizza, cookie dough, overpriced trinkets, etc. You'll find that our process from start to finish is simple, quick and convenient because there are no costs until your custom blankets get delivered to you.

We have a hard time getting volunteers, any suggestions?

Yes! We created this tip guide for getting more volunteers here.

Can we do pre-orders before ordering blankets?

Of course. Historically, it seems schools and sports teams like to sell in two ways. They like to either send pre-order forms home and then place their order, or, they order an estimated bulk amount and sell them in person at school or at an event. Both ways are welcome!

Can we buy the blankets in bulk for gifts?

Yes! Whether you fundraise with them or want them in bulk, they are the same wholesale price and no payment is needed until the blankets arrive to you! They are a very unique and memorable teacher appreciation idea, senior graduation gift, custom spirit store items, team presents, etc.

For Teacher and Staff Appreciation gifts, click here!

Do you help us sell our blankets?

We offer you a variety of free tools! We create a digital blanket mock up of your blanket for you to use so that you can share and/or pre-sell right away. We also provide digitally customized social media images, pre-order forms, display flyers, social media video, and more. They will be customized but are also in files that are editable by you for your convenience! We want you to succeed. 

What if our organization cannot afford blankets?

We priced our blankets as low as possible for us to sustain the program. There are various corporate sponsorship and local community opportunities for donation and partnerships. 

How can we share this?

You can send interested organizations to our website, or download the flyer here.

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