What to Get a 1 Year Old Who Has Everything

best gifts for 1 year old
There is no such thing as a child who has everything! That’s good news, because a baby’s first birthday is an exciting occasion, and it can be a lot of fun thinking about what the best things to buy for a baby might be. What are the best gifts for 1 year old babies? If you are having trouble deciding, remember that the first birthday is an important time, when the little one moves from baby to toddler, and things start changing!

The best gifts for 1 year old babies show that the baby is on the move. He or she is a toddler now, so consider what toddlers love to do. They are active and always experimenting. As well, they are learning all the time and practicing the skills that they learn. The best gifts for 1 year old babies are things that they can interact with and learn with.

Tactile toys

The toys that are a good gift for a 1-year-old are tactile. Babies of this age love things they can ride, or things that move. Things that make noise are great also. Imagine the laughter! At this age, the toys shouldn’t require instruction, or be complicated. Push and pull toys fit this stage well because they let children discover for themselves.

Things that comfort

Books for little ones of this age are soft and cuddly and easy to hold. They are also tactile, with flaps and strings, and differing textures so that baby can touch and feel and learn from those as well. Don’t forget to be sure that these toys are safe for babies. They do want to put things in their mouth at this age.

Learning blankets can be the best gifts for 1 year old babies

Learning blankets fit this category very well. They are tactile and comforting and kids love them. Things like this are definitely among the best gifts for 1 year old babies because they can grow up and keep them for a long time. A learning blanket is more than a blanket, it’s a wall hanging. Best of all, it is something that the child who has everything will always have.

Don’t forget about mom and dad

Actually, the best gifts for a 1-year-old are also things that make mom and dad happy too. They have a lot of work to do, and they don’t always see the changes. Make their lives a little easier by helping out with new clothes for baby, or things for baby to focus on and keep the little one quiet. Baby clothes or clothes for toddlers and children can be warm and comforting and educational and tactile too. Sure, gifts for 1-year-olds are also gifts for the parents. Think about buying sensible, cute, safe, and enjoyable gifts that everyone will love.

This is a lot to think about, of course. Really, no child can have everything because as they grow, their needs change, and so do so many more things.