Seven Winter Car Seat Safety Tips

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Any new parent will worry endlessly about keeping their children safe, especially outside the home. Our mini humans are vulnerable and it can be difficult to know exactly what the best ways are to keep them as safe as possible. Car seats can be particularly tough to know exactly how to use properly. Here are some simple ways to ensure that your kiddo is safe in the car this winter!

Tighten the Car Seat Harness Straps

Tighten up the harness straps for the winter. Your small human might look snugged in and safe in their seat, but it can be difficult to make sure they're properly tightened when they are wearing winter coats or other winter warmth gear. Ensuring that your child's chest straps are properly tightened to prevent their movement is very important!

Cover Up!

Hats and mittens are a part of winter for all of us, but they're especially important for our young ones. They're smaller than us and they'll lose heat very quickly in low temperatures. Adding socks and boots whenever they go outside is a good idea as well, or at least warm booties for the youngest ones who aren't walking yet. Winter coats can make strapping in difficult, so some parents have started using winter ponchos when headed out in a car seat, and you can always add a warm blanket to the backseat for your kidlet. If you're using a blanket, make sure you put it over the straps, not underneath the straps.

Keep the Carrier Part of the Car Seat In The House

Most of us don't have a heated garage and our cars are cold in the morning. Storing the car seat carrier in the house will keep any plastic portions from becoming brittle in the cold (especially important in the event of a crash), and will even keep your little one from losing too much heat by being seated against the freezing seat.

Keep Emergency Gear in Your Car

In case of a breakdown or an accident, it's important to keep your baby warm. Extra blankets, gloves, hats, and dry clothing is a great way to make sure that you and your family are safe until help can arrive. A car emergency kit such as emergency lighting is a good idea as well to ensure that your vehicle is visible to other traffic as winter can sometimes reduce visibility!

Dress Your Children in Thin Layers

Thick winter coats might seem like a warm solution to the cold, but in a car seat they can be a problem. Heavier coats can hold too much air and prevent straps from tightening properly. A poncho or sweaters are a good idea, and you can put your child's coat over top of them backwards to help keep them warm as well, but over the straps.

Be Careful Using After-market Items

Your car seat has been crash tested by the manufacturer. But remember that add-ons and items that didn't come with your car seat may not have been! They may actually hinder the original car seat in keeping your child safe.

Leave Early!

Give yourself extra time to get where you're going! Winter can cause poor road conditions and visibility issues, and you should drive slower to conditions. Buckling your kid into their car seat can take a few moments and it's worth taking the proper time! Stay safe out there! Click here to learn more.