How to Select the Right Weighted Blanket for Your Kids

When our kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the entire household may pay the price. Quality rest time and a proper night’s (or nap’s) sleep are essential to our child’s growth, health, mood, and general well-being. There are many reasons our children may have troubled sleep – a random restless mood, an actual sleeping disorder, or another condition, such as autism. But today’s parent has more options than ever before. We have easy access to the latest research, techniques, and tools that make those sleepless nights much less frequent and troublesome. At Birdy Boutique, we’ve found weighted blankets for kids to be especially effective and we’re thrilled to pass this secret on to parents who are in need of some deeply deserved rest. 

How can the weighted blanket help my child’s sleeping quality?

Parents know very well the dangers that lie in escalating a battle at bed or naptime. While putting our children down, their minds may still be active and their sensory systems may be overloaded. The weighted blanket takes care of these issues in several simple (yet genius!) ways.

For one, the weighted blanket’s heavier construction is designed to apply a grounding and soothing pressure across the body. That feeling helps promote relaxation, especially when we’re feeling somewhat antsy. Research shows that deeper-pressured touch stimulates dopamine and serotonin release for a more balanced and relaxed sleeping experience.

What’s also interesting about using weighted blankets for kids to enhance their relaxation as they fall into sleep is the sensory experience of the blanket’s actual material covering. As a child’s mind may be going a mile a minute, the calming sense achieved through the sensory feedback of soft or textured materials helps slow things down.

Plus, when you reach for one of Birdy Boutique Learning Blankets with educational wording and images strategically designed onto the fabric, there’s even more to calm and focus the mind.

So, what should you keep in mind when selecting the best weighted blankets for kids? Here are a few key reminders.


When it comes to selecting the ideal weight to go with, a simple math equation does the trick. You want one that’s about 10 percent of your child’s weight, and then add one pound. Also, knowing your child’s sleeping challenges and preferred soothing techniques well can help you decide how that weight is best distributed through the blanket’s filling.


Many weighted blankets for kids use poly pellet filling. However, we prefer glass beads for their contribution to a more densely weighted blanket without extra bulkiness. Don’t worry, these glass beads are tiny, and breaking is not a concern. However, equal distribution is a must for achieving all those wonderful benefits of consistent and continuous pressure. Our blankets are divided into 120 small components to ensure the constancy in pressure is maintained even after washing.  


When you wrap your kids up in quality designed and constructed weighted blankets for kids, it’s like wrapping them up in the softest and most supportive hug while they rest. We selected the softest adorable fabrics to cover our blankets. This way, they provide a calming sensory vibe at the same time that they offer a relaxing visual distraction as children drift to sleep.

Each of our weighted blankets for kids is designed and crafted with five separate layers. Each one works together to enhance the blanket’s breathability, to protect the beading inside, and to provide a supportive yet gentle comfort that maintains optimal sleeping temperature. So long as you follow the care instructions, you’ll have a durable and effective sleeping aid that makes rest time so much more peaceful.

Birdy Boutique: making sleep time better with weighted blankets for kids

We are passionate about making learning fun and leveraging any opportunity to teach our little ones. With our weighted blankets for kids, your family’s educational moments can come naturally as your kids drift off to sleep while taking in our educational blanket’s design. Sight words, maps, dinosaur, and nature themes work double duty to educate as they soothe.