Four Things Parents Should Know about Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are special blankets that have added heft due to small glass or plastic pellets enclosed in the material. They are most often are used to help combat anxiety, stress, or poor sleep. This is because the blanket, quite literally, feels like a gentle hug. Your child may benefit form a weighted blanket. Here are four things to keep in mind when looking for weighted blankets for toddlers.

Weighted blankets really do work

For many people, and even animals, gentle disbursed pressure on the body has a calming effect. It is why we swaddle babies or give our dog a thunder shirt during a storm or fireworks. Many report feeling calmer, sleeping better, and lowering their heart rate while under a weighted blanket. Like any tool used for health, the results will vary based on your personal situation. For example, someone that is usually warm at night may find a weighted blanket to be too hot. Someone that is claustrophobic may find it restrictive. However, as it is a medication-free, easily accessible device, it is a solution that anyone can try – and one that many have found to be very helpful.

1. The size and heft matters, especially with weighted blankets for toddlers

Do not use a weighted blanket on a baby or any child not old enough/strong enough to turn themselves over. If your toddler is small for their age or an especially sound sleeper, go with a lighter blanket (they range from 3-20 pounds, typically). If your blanket does not come with a guide to match the weight of the blanket to the weight of the child, look up a guide online. For example, our 5 pound weighted blanket for toddlers is suitable for children that weigh between 40-60 pounds.

2. Look for a weighted blanket you can wash

When looking for a weighted blanket for toddlers, choose one that can go into the washing machine. Some are spot-clean only, which is not ideal for toddlers or young children (especially if they are still having nighttime accidents). Our weighted blankets for toddlers can be washed in warm water and even tumbled on low heat to dry. No need to hang it up and wait for hours, and there is no worry about the blanket splitting and the beads flowing into the washer’s drum.

3. Get a weighted blanket specially made for toddlers

Your child will appreciate a cool, kid-friendly design, and you’ll rest easy knowing the seams on weighted blankets for toddlers are reinforced to ensure no beads escape. We know that toddlers like to put things in their mouth – your blanket should never be a chocking hazard. When you purchase weighted blankets for toddlers from a retailer invested in quality products for children, you are making an informed, safe choice.


Birdy Boutique weighted blankets for toddlers are colorful, safe, and effective. We offer 5 pound blankets for toddlers that weigh between 40-60 pounds. Expect better sleep and less stress with the gentle hug our blankets provide. We are on hand to answer questions about this or any of the other products we provide.