Four Awesome Car Seat Coat Solutions for Babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics confirms it can be dangerous to buckle your child into a car seat if your child is wearing bulky layers. However, you also need to keep your child warm and safe from the elements when getting to and from the car. And do you really want to do the kid-wrestling dance to slip them into a snowsuit when you arrive at your destination… or put a blanket on the car seat and stop every few miles to pick it up when they toss it off? Of course not! This is why our car seat coats are the ultimate solution.

Birdy Boutique car seat coats are proven to be safe and effective

Our car seat coats are tested in a crash test facility, have surpassed NHTSA standards, and are CPSC/CPSIA compliant. They provide the warmth your child needs without the bulk that can be dangerous under a car seat buckle. You’ll be able to easily tighten the belt with zero interference in the harness. It’s as simple as lifting the poncho over the front to deal with the belt, then draping the back of the poncho over the back of the seat to prevent bulk behind the child’s head. That’s all there is to it! Quick, easy, hassle-free, and most importantly – safe.

1. Car seat coats are a stylish option

Why compromise on style or fun? Birdy Boutique car seat coats are stylish because kids deserve to have fun colors and patterns, too! We have a cheeky fawn car seat coat with adorable ears on the hood. There’s the faux fur for your little diva. Love to hunt? Give baby their own camo car seat coat or the plaid flannel. Let’s not overlook our kids that love dinosaurs. We have a car seat coat just for them.

2. Car seat coats are convenient

Our coats do more than make it easy for you to safely buckle your child into the vehicle. Our coats are designed to be functional as well. The poncho style drapes the body, keeping them warm, but it also lifts quickly for those inevitable bathroom breaks. They are heavy enough to not flap around in the wind, yet light enough for your child to move naturally. From the car to the destination and back home, this hardworking coat does it all.

3. When you buy a car seat coat from Birdy Boutique, you support an important community

Birdy Boutique is a certified disabled-veteran and women-owned small business. Owners Joanna and Barbara wanted to sell educational and safe products for children while also supporting workers that needed a chance in the work force. When you buy car seat coats from Birdy Boutique, you support this unique community.


Car seat coats for kids are the safer way to travel. They don’t add bulk that prevents the harness from working properly. The coats are as stylish as they are functional. When you buy car seat coats from Birdy Boutique, you get a high quality product while giving back to the community.