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As moms & owners, we know how important it is to stay connected with one another in a supportive and mutually beneficial way. We are open-minded to working together through blog posts about our products, blog posts about us as mompreneurs and small business owners, or other interesting ideas you may have! You can learn more about us here.

Birdy Boutique Certifications

How are we different than any other business?

That's a great question! For starters, we are owned by two moms who are sisters, and are also proudly certified an official women and disabled veteran owned business. Safety is our priority, so not only do we uniquely design and print all of our fabrics and patterns to offer quality products, but we also are CPSIA and CPSC compliant to each standard. On top of that, our car seat ponchos are crash tested in a testing facility to assure that they perform safely in car seats, and exactly the same as if the child wasn't wearing a coat at all! We work tirelessly to assure that everything we create is adorable, affordable and special.

We have had the privilege of working with many bloggers and platforms, which you can see here. Our products are available to be sent to you for trying and we can provide ample background information to use in your writing projects as well, including a variety of photos. We love offering special discount codes to your reader base, too.

We have two basic areas of products we create and offer. We print, design and create car seat ponchos to keep littles safe in the car. The other product area are birthday onesie outfit sets and accessories such as floral and number crowns that we personally design and create.

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Quotes from Parents who 💛 love 💛 our products:

“The birthday outfit made our photos so special, everyone complimented what a little ham he looked like with the big number 1!”
Andrea, FL

“Love love the multi use of them (car seat ponchos), my littles wear them not only in their car seats but also while playing outside.”
Cynthia, MI

“The leather crown with the sewn on flowers has been a favorite around here since her birthday, highly recommend, high quality!”
Jayce, NH

“The wife and I let the kids throw their ponchos on and take them off as needed, makes trips quicker and easier.!”
Daniel, MI

“The reversible sides (of the car seat ponchos) give us two options in one piece of clothing in case there is a mess, we appreciate that.”
Sharon, OR

“I tried making my own and just in fleece for both sides, I was the same amount of money in. Totally worth it to save the diy hassle!”
Tamara, MN

Car Seat Poncho Sale


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Our Featured Gem: The Car Seat Poncho

Car Seat Poncho

Did you know you’re NOT supposed to buckle your child over a coat in their car seat? The car seat poncho is recommended by various car seat safety organizations as a safer way for children to travel in their car seats versus wearing thick winter coats, which can add 4 dangerous inches of slack into the harness straps. Car Seat ponchos do not in any way interfere with the harness and therefore are completely safe and beneficial in the event of an accident. These are uniquely designed by us, moms can’t find these prints or fleeces anywhere else! Plus, they have other uses too such as for strollers, park visits, chilly evenings, even for the couch as they are the perfect wearable hooded blanket!
There is a 75 to 95% misuse rate with clothing and car seats. It’s just not safe to buckle over the coat, period. When we know better, we do better. This is why we design and offer these, and they are here to put your mind at ease.

Read our Car Seat Poncho Safety Blog for way more info!


Our Birthday Products: Not Just a Onesie

First Birthday Outfit

First birthdays, and any kids birthdays really, can be stressful. We, as moms, tried to make that easier by offering a variety of self-designed outfits and accessories that make planning a little easier. First birthdays especially, come with a little extra work because you have the pressure of a cake smash, elaborate party and a major theme, eeek!

One of our specialties is designing and creating multiple outfits in one, such as our onesie sets that come with the romper itself, leg warmers, bloomer diaper covers and a bib. We have a variety of designs so that themes are easily adapted and fit nicely. They are made with 100% of the softest high quality cotton and appliques with custom fabric prints that really pop out compared to a traditional screen print option, some even have leather bow ties.

First Birthday Boy Outfits


In addition to this, we offer our uniquely designed crowns that will make you smile. Adorable number options, shiny mermaid scales, three dimensional florals, and so many more. Birthday kids and photographers love our crowns because they stand out in photos and can be used over and over again!


Unique Changeable Letterboards & Crowns for Kids

Kids Letterboards and Crowns

Kids want fun ways to creatively express themselves, too! We decided to experiment with two really cool products that are unique, kid friendly, educational and most importantly, fun! These products include two kinds of make your own word reusable and changeable crowns, each in two styles of colorful kid bedroom letterboards and wearable crowns, made just for children!

Kids, give technology a break and let’s get back to basics. These new fun changeable products are the gift that keeps giving year after year for any boy or girl! Children can personalize their room, home play area, and share their thoughts, dreams and messages with everyone using our new unique letterboards and crowns! Imagine giving your kids or teachers and students something that keeps them engaged time and time again. A present that is so meaningful, it inspires and motivates not only them, but others too.

What are the benefits to owning these new create a message letter boards or crowns?

  • Awesome for so many ages, for any age!
  • Sparks creativity and expression
  • Sturdy, lightweight and boldly colored
  • Easily customize the crown or board yourself
  • Encourage imaginative thinking
  • Increase phonemic awareness
  • Rehearses letter recognition
  • Learn and practice making words
  • Supports reading & writing time
  • Develops fine and small motor skills
  • Changeable and reusable again and again
  • Personalizes any room or space

Birdy Boutique Car Seat Poncho

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